it started with an idea to make Functional Fashion

Snoot was founded by Peter Blom, co-founder of Peak Performance, in order to combine the strict requirements for functionality and durability of the sportswear industry with the attention to detail and design consciousness of the fashion world.
Leisure garments that are beautifully designed, with a modern fit, combined with a high level of functionality – e.g. durability, waterproof/breathable and ergonomic. Snoot has brought together a team of specialists, designers, tailors, buyers etc who all have extensive experience and proven professionalism. Some are experienced on the fashion side, others from sports clothing. What they all have in common is a passionate commitment to achieving quality and sustainability, and creating clothing that both they and the wearers can be proud of. Stunning technical fabrics and materials with the right design, tailoring and manufacturing is the recipe that enables us to attain our goal.